Migrant Shrine — Close up

Along with coins, matches, can­dles, prayer cards, fam­ily pho­tographs, and scapu­lars, mi­grants leave cards fea­tur­ing the pa­tron saint of their home­land. Seen here are the Virgin of Guadalupe (im­por­tant through­out Mexico), the Virgin of Juquila (wor­shiped in Oaxaca), and the Virgin of San Juan de los Lagos (wor­shiped in Jalisco); Oaxaca and Jalisco are Mexican states with sig­nif­i­cant out-migration. Also pic­tured here is Toribio Romo, a priest who was mar­tyred dur­ing the Mexican Revolution and re­port­edly ap­pears reg­u­larly to dis­tressed mi­grants in the desert.